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zkLink Nova officially launched its Mainnet Alpha in March 11, 2024. Alpha represents the MVP of zkLink Nova–a zkEVM-based aggregated L3 built upon Ethereum and multiple L2 rollup networks. At the same time, Alpha represents only the first of many milestones to be achieved. Alongside zkSync, Celestia and potential decentralized sequencing partners, we are excited to unveil the next chapters for the zkLink Nova journey, one that will result on an aggregated layer of Ethereum L2 ecosystem with unlimited scalability, Ethereum equivalent security, EVM-compatibility, low transaction cost, and decentralization.

Chapter 1: zkLink Nova Alpha (Aggregated L3 Rollup)​

In its current availability, zkLink Nova is an aggregated Layer 3 ZK-Rollup applying Validium mode with a DAC. It leverages the zkEVM of ZK Stack for developers to quickly build, test, and deploy applications with solidity. All existing smart contracts on Ethereum can be seamlessly adopted to zkLink Nova. Based on the multi-chain settlement solution of zkLink Nexus, users can securely depositing their assets from Ethereum and multiple connected Layer 2 rollups without taking any trusted bridge risk. The dApps on zkLink Nova would enjoy aggregated liquidity of assets scattered on different Layer 2 rollup networks.

Chapter 2: zkLink Nova Beta (+External DA)​

In the next chapter, zkLink Nova will achieve data scaling by integrating external modular DA that ensures data accessibility with censorship consistence. In the current Validium mode, Nova's data is stored off-chain with a Data Availability Committee (DAC), which oversees the correct state update as well as keep a copy of the data that was processed. In the very near future, Nova will integrate with external DA solutions, for example, Celestia, EigenDA, Avail, etc., so that data will be stored and accessible with censorship consistence. By cooperating with DA partners, Nova could cost super low gas fees and facilitate the mass adoption of our network.

Chapter 3: zkLink Nova Mainnet Production (+Fully Decentralized)​

Similar to other zk-rollups, zkLink Nova starts with a centralized sequencer and prover model for development efficiencies. In order to mitigate the risk of potential single-point failure and to enhance the transparency and fairness of the network, zkLink Nova aims to incorporate decentralized sequencer and prover solutions. In this stage, transactions will be processed and validated across a distributed node network. ZKL (the native token of zkLink) will be used to incentivize validators to collectively secure the network.

Upon completion of Chapter 3, zkLink Nova will become a fully decentralized network reunifying the fragmented liquidity scattered in different Ethereum ecosystems, with unlimited scalability and Ethereum equivalent security. Meanwhile, as zkLink Nova’s modular architecture continues to evolve, users will find notable improvements in their day-to-day interactions with zkLink Nova ecosystem applications.

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