Layer 3

Layer 3s are a third layer built on top of Ethereum Layer 2 Rollups that deliver higher scalability, lower gas costs, and greater customizability.

In contrast to most Layer 3 App Rollups that are designed for meeting a specific application’s needs and deployed on a single Layer 2 (e.g., Starknet or Arbitrum), zkLink Nova is a general-purpose Layer 3 rollup network built on top of Ethereum and multiple Ethereum Layer 2s, which jointly serve as settlement layers.

zkLink Nova’s aggregated Layer 3 zkEVM Rollup makes it a platform for the easy deployment of any decentralized applications that are already built on Ethereum’s Layer 1 and Layer 2 rollups. zkLink Nova DApp users and developers can enjoy having access to aggregated liquidity from the entire Ethereum ecosystem.

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