Mar. 8th, 2024

Mar. 27th, 2024

zkLink Nova is built upon ZK Stack, which uses the same code of zkSync Era.

For the codes deployed on the primary chain used for ZKP verification, the auditors only audited the difference versus zkSync Era's source code.

The auditors audited all the codes deployed on the secondary chains used for hosting users' fund and execute on-chain transactions.


Apr. 8th, 2024

Multiple tokens with the same value can be merged into one token via the smart contracts deployed on the Nova network. Users can automatically merge and redeem tokens when depositing or withdrawing through the official rollup bridge.


Apr. 13th, 2024

This upgrade optimized the cost of synchronizing the batch root hash from the primary chain to the all other secondary chains. Batch root hashes are compressed to a single hash, so that the number of messages that forward via Ethereum can be be greatly reduced.

Audited for zkSync Era



Jan. 2024

zkLink Nova applies the same Governance contract used by zkSync Era. It is implemented to slow down the execution of protocol changes.

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