Zero-Knowledge Rollup

zkLink Nova is a zero-knowledge rollup network that uses ZK-SNARK technology.

In zero-knowledge rollups, transactions are processed and validated off-chain by a set of validators. However, instead of publishing the details of each transaction to the main chain, the validators bundle multiple transactions into a single cryptographic proof, known as a zero-knowledge proof. This proof attests to the correctness of the transactions without revealing any sensitive information about them. This way, the main chain only needs to verify the validity of the zero-knowledge proof rather than each individual transaction, significantly reducing the computational load and congestion on the main chain.

The benefits of zero-knowledge rollups include:

  1. Scalability: By moving transaction processing off-chain and using zero-knowledge proofs to attest to their validity, zero-knowledge rollups can significantly increase the throughput of blockchain networks, allowing them to process more transactions per second.

  2. Reduced Costs: With fewer transactions being processed on the main chain, the cost per transaction can be significantly reduced, making it more economical for users to interact with the blockchain.

  3. Better Security: Zero-knowledge proofs ensure correctness of off-chain transactions and prevent operators from executing invalid state transitions. It relies on trustless cryptographic mechanisms for security, not the honesty of incentivized actors as with optimistic rollups.

  4. Faster Finality: Compared with optimistic rollup, which delays in transaction finality due to potential fraud challenges, zero-knowledge rollups offer faster transaction finality as state updates are approved once validity proofs are verified on L1.

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